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Sunday, 22 February 2009

Sinn Féin's coalition

The most significant part of Gerry Adams's ard fheis address i think was his plea to Irish Labour to prepare a coalition of the left. Political opportunism at its best?

It highlights once gain how isolated politically Sinn Féin is in the South. One can hardly see Eamon Gilmore forming a voluntary coalition with Adams, Mary Lou and co.

The news is good for Irish Labour. The huge protests in Dublin and the massive sense of discontent with Fianna Fáil represents something of a sea change in Irish politics. Fine Gael's conservatism means Irish Labour is the obvious beneficiary. What the party needs to do is capitalise by offering serious new left economic policies that will reward the likes of those who took to the streets yesterday.

The last poll saw a huge jump in Labour's support. Esoterica predicts this will not lessen in the short term. The Irish population is primed for a move to the left. The European and local government elections represent a massive opportunity to underwrite this move.

Much of the European political elite will be watching Ireland closely.... and for many it will be in horror as the sense of political change in hard economic times becomes a reality.

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  1. As a stickie Gilmore would want to have nothing to do with Adams