Saturday, 21 February 2009

Age discrimination and engaging youth

Sinn Féin has lost a case and been order to pay £15k to a former party worker Anne 'Dodie' McGuinness who alleged age and sex discrimination prevented her from being able to apply for a party job. Rather embarrasing for the self-styled 'party of equality' and a rather untimely departure before the Ard Fheis! Did the media hold this story to time it for this?

Where as other parties may be quick to criticise, Esoterica learns that SF is not the only party with an age discrimination case set against them - watch this space.

It all begs the question how parties can successfully (and legally) rebrand themselves to appeal to a younger brand... perhaps connecting with youth through policies that matter to them would be a start?

A proper debate on tuition fees? More help for first-time buyers? Better careers advice? A government sponsored graduate scheme for the public and private sector?

What's more parties would be better looking to the opportunities in the new media to engage with younger people, rather than discrimination against others in the appointment of party jobs.

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