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Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Gildernew Engineering Gildernew Environmental... Part 2

In the follow up to this post and Ian Paisley Junior's attempt to expose something in the relationship between the Agriculture Minister and the named companies it appears not much is being given away. In response to the question the Minister stated:

"I have no relationship with either company, but I have family members who are involved in both businesses. I have no knowledge of any relationship between those companies and O’Neill’s Engineering. Any enquiries with regards to those companies should be directed to the businesses themselves."

Paisley Junior asked Ms Gildernew to assure the House:

"that she has no knowledge of the workings of any of the companies that were mentioned; and to explain whether she believes that it is appropriate that the company in question uses the Minister on its website to promote its activities?"

Gildernew suggested Paisley Jnr contact the businesses himself. Official report available here.

All in all there seems to be no evident scandal and I can find no picture of Ms Gildernew on either website (perhaps it has been removed?)

As for either company's relationship with the pig-meat sector, who knows. Perhaps Paisley Jnr will take the Minister's advice and inquire.

The situation does raise the question of how a Ministerial position relates to a personal business interest or businesses of their family. It should of course be kept distinctly separate, and this is exactly what the Minister suggests is happening.

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